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Facebook Integration in LibGDX for iOS using Robovm Robopods, Tutorial Sample Example

In this tutorial, we will very quickly integrate Facebook in LibGDX games. We will use RoboVM Robopods bindings for iOS part. We will be using Eclipse IDE for this tutorial. PreRequisites: You will need LibGDX of version 1.9.1+ RoboVM version of 1.12.0 If you have older versions of any of the above, then you can… Read More »

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Scrollable ListView in LibGDX similar to Android ListView sample example tutorial

In this article, we will learn how to draw a list of selectable strings in a scrollable layout for a LibGDX Game. The complete implementation for our task is given below: The skin file list_skin.json: The file named spritesheet.atlas has to be made using TexturePacker tool provided with LibGDX. Images required in the spritesheet.atlas: –… Read More »

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Sample Example of generating rotation for Box2d Bodies created from Tiled Map Editor in LibGDX [SOLVED]

Tiled is a map/level editor tool used for developing levels for games. In previous articles( Introduction, Terrain Tutorial) we have already learnt how to use this tool. Box2d is a 2D physics engine. You can learn more about box2d here. In this article we will look at a very common problem faced when a Box2d… Read More »

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Command Line Free TexturePacker tool for LibGDX sample example tutorial

TexturePacker is a tool for creating spritesheets from given number of individual image files as input. It is widely used for various game development engines and frameworks such as LibGDX, cocos2d etc.. You can directly download the TexturePacker with an interactive interface from its official website, but it has a trial period. After the trial… Read More »

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LibGDX Box2d sample example Tutorial

Box2d is a physics Engine used in any 2d game engine. We will see a very basic example of a box2d implementation in this article. In core project of your LibGDX project, open the main java class from where the game starts. We will put our code in that class. Lets start with the basics… Read More »

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