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Shoot Girl’s Fruits : Archery – non stop action game on Android

                  DOWNLOAD: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.marothiatechs.archery Shoot Girl’s Fruits : Archery is a sequel game for Shoot Girl’s Fruits : Gulel. Gulel i.e. Slingshot is replaced by Bow and Arrow in this game. So you will use your archery skills instead of stone shooting by a slingshot. This time you have… Read More »

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Purge! An innovative puzzle game.

     This is a puzzle game with a new and original concept of matching same two numbers or colors in a row of column. You need to cross a line on any two blocks of same number or color. The other block between the two blocks will be eliminated. So the goal is to… Read More »

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Stone Pillar – A game about stacking stones

You will love this game if you have ever played with mountain stones to create balanced structures. Stack stones wherever you want by simply touching the screen. Its just your creativity that will decide the structure of your building. – Pile Up the blocks as high as you can. – Complete Levels in classic mode.… Read More »

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Ball Hunt

Ball Hunt is a very simple arcade dots shooting game using stones and a sling shot. Different arrangements of dots are placed in a beautiful pattern for every new level. Shoot and destroy these beautiful designs of bubbles and break the bubble using your slingshot shooting skills. If you miss a target dot, the score… Read More »

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Gate Puzzle, a Puzzle Adventure game released yesterday!

Description Go adventure with Mr. Pou in a strange environment! Help him escape the doors on that level again. Gate Puzzle is an indie indian game with a mix of puzzle and action levels. INTERESTING ITEMS – boxes, mace balls, balloons, canons, mortars, explosive TNT boxes, wheels, spikes, switches, gates and so on. BEAUTIFUL ART… Read More »

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New Game: Glassy Path For ZigZag Lovers

              DESCRIPTION *Hardest but Insanely addictive new zigzag puzzle game from indian developers! Don’t say we didn’t warn you * Stay on the glassy path with several different themes and do as many zig zags as you can! Do not swipe at crossings. Just tap at the zigzag crossing… Read More »

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Getting Started Introduction to Tiled Map Editor Example Tutorial

In this article, we will see very simple basic tutorial on how to use Tiled to create maps, levels and use them inside your game. We will also learn how to use tiled for specifying areas of collisions within any game. What is Tiled? Tiled is a free software/tool which provides interface for easily creating… Read More »

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Top List of websites providing FREE Music, SoundTracks for Games

As a game developer you might face the problem of getting free music, sounds for your game. In this article, I am simply going to list the several websites which provide free music and soundtracks for game developers. Here are the sites providing FREE Music: 8bit-collective ccmixter.org Flash Kit sound effects HartwigMedia Freesound.org Musopen classical… Read More »

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