Android Profile Activity Layout Sample Example Tutorial

  In this tutorial we will simply create a layout file for showing profile information of a user or contact in your android application. This layout can be used in any activity or fragment. We will created a profile imageview in a circular shape or image cropped in rounded shape using a library which we… Read More »

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Shoot Girl’s Fruits : Archery – non stop action game on Android

                  DOWNLOAD: Shoot Girl’s Fruits : Archery is a sequel game for Shoot Girl’s Fruits : Gulel. Gulel i.e. Slingshot is replaced by Bow and Arrow in this game. So you will use your archery skills instead of stone shooting by a slingshot. This time you have… Read More »

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Purge! An innovative puzzle game.

     This is a puzzle game with a new and original concept of matching same two numbers or colors in a row of column. You need to cross a line on any two blocks of same number or color. The other block between the two blocks will be eliminated. So the goal is to… Read More »

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Encrypt String in PHP and Decrypt in JAVA Sample Example Tutorial

In this tutorial, We will learn about how to encrypt a string data using RSA algorithm through PHP and decrypt the same using Java project. We need phpseclib library for encrypting the data. This can be downloaded from : Now lets create php scripts to encrypt a simple string “Hello World!”. We need two… Read More »

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Stone Pillar – A game about stacking stones

You will love this game if you have ever played with mountain stones to create balanced structures. Stack stones wherever you want by simply touching the screen. Its just your creativity that will decide the structure of your building. – Pile Up the blocks as high as you can. – Complete Levels in classic mode.… Read More »

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How to use Jasper Reports in JavaFX 8 – Sample Example Tutorial

Jasper Reports are used for showing information that need to be printed or saved as document file. Use Cases: – For printing Reciepts – Bill/ Invoice – Detailed Reports – and so on.. If you have already developed some Java application/ Software using JavaFx and now need to print some data from the software, then… Read More »

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How to make Numeric | Decimal TextField in JavaFX Example Tutorial

JavaFx provides various default layout controllers for taking inputs from the user. One such controller is TextField. The problem with this controller is that it accepts every input provided by the user. If we need a TextField which accepts floating point numbers or double values, then we need to modify the existing TextField. Textfields with… Read More »

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