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Sample Example of generating rotation for Box2d Bodies created from Tiled Map Editor in LibGDX [SOLVED]

Tiled is a map/level editor tool used for developing levels for games. In previous articles( Introduction, Terrain Tutorial) we have already learnt how to use this tool. Box2d is a 2D physics engine. You can learn more about box2d here. In this article we will look at a very common problem faced when a Box2d… Read More »

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Tiled : how to create Terrain and use Terrain tool in Tiled Level Editor.

In this tutorial we will learn a very simple concept of using terrain inside Tiled Level Editor for creating levels for games. What is Tiled? Tiled is a map editor software for creating maps, levels for games. Refer this for quick getting started introduction of Tiled Map Editor. Lets Begin.. Create a new map in… Read More »

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Top List of websites providing FREE Music, SoundTracks for Games

As a game developer you might face the problem of getting free music, sounds for your game. In this article, I am simply going to list the several websites which provide free music and soundtracks for game developers. Here are the sites providing FREE Music: 8bit-collective Flash Kit sound effects HartwigMedia Musopen classical… Read More »

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