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Sample Example of generating rotation for Box2d Bodies created from Tiled Map Editor in LibGDX [SOLVED]

Tiled is a map/level editor tool used for developing levels for games. In previous articles( Introduction, Terrain Tutorial) we have already learnt how to use this tool. Box2d is a 2D physics engine. You can learn more about box2d here. In this article we will look at a very common problem faced when a Box2d… Read More »

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Getting Started Introduction to Tiled Map Editor Example Tutorial

In this article, we will see very simple basic tutorial on how to use Tiled to create maps, levels and use them inside your game. We will also learn how to use tiled for specifying areas of collisions within any game. What is Tiled? Tiled is a free software/tool which provides interface for easily creating… Read More »

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Tiled : how to create Terrain and use Terrain tool in Tiled Level Editor.

In this tutorial we will learn a very simple concept of using terrain inside Tiled Level Editor for creating levels for games. What is Tiled? Tiled is a map editor software for creating maps, levels for games. Refer this for quick getting started introduction of Tiled Map Editor. Lets Begin.. Create a new map in… Read More »

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Top List of websites providing FREE Music, SoundTracks for Games

As a game developer you might face the problem of getting free music, sounds for your game. In this article, I am simply going to list the several websites which provide free music and soundtracks for game developers. Here are the sites providing FREE Music: 8bit-collective Flash Kit sound effects HartwigMedia Musopen classical… Read More »

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