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New Game: Glassy Path For ZigZag Lovers

              DESCRIPTION *Hardest but Insanely addictive new zigzag puzzle game from indian developers! Don’t say we didn’t warn you * Stay on the glassy path with several different themes and do as many zig zags as you can! Do not swipe at crossings. Just tap at the zigzag crossing… Read More »

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Android Fully Functional Ecommerce App sample example Tutorial from Scratch – Part 1

Nowadays every buisness requires to have its own business app for mobile users. Although a business website serves the purpose of online selling of products, but for mobiles user’s even the most responsive websites can prove inconvenient for shopping online. In this Article we will develop a complete eCommerce app for Android platform from scratch.… Read More »

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Android Validating Email EditText sample example methods tutorial

In this article we will see different methods to validate email address entered through EditText using android layout xml file. Email validation is useful in android because we need to send the email to server for registering a new account or for any other purpose. If we validate the email in the android app itself… Read More »

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Add/Remove items at RunTime in Spinner Android?[Solved]

Step 1: Add the following Code to activity_main.xml Step 2: Add the following code to Step 3 : Now you can save and execute the Application. Your output will be like this : 8,170 total views, no views today

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Android sending Ecommerce emails using Parse API with Parse Cloud Code simple example Tutorial

In this article, we will see a simple example of how to send automated email when a new entry is added to database, using Parse API. Use Case: – This can be used in an eCommerce app for sending order confirmation email when a new order is placed. – For email verification of newly registered… Read More »

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Android secure encrypted SharedPreferences example Tutorial

In Android shared preferences are used to store user’s preferences for android application such as display name, notification settings, vibration on/off etc. But many times, for example if we are developing a game and storing user’s score inside shared preferences then we should not store them directly. Anny rooted phone can be used to directly… Read More »

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Android Alert Dialog Example sample Tutorial

Alert dialog is used in android whenever we need to notify user about certain events in our android application. Such events include exiting of app,deleting some entry, network usage etc. We will see a simple code snippet showing the implementation of alert dialog in android as below: 5,025 total views, no views today

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Android simple Tabs with Swipe Layout(ViewPager) Fragments Tutorial

In this tutorial we will see a simple example of android application having tabs with swiping screens. Previously we saw an example of just swiping views using ViewPager. Now we will use ActionBar Tabs along with ViewPager in this tutorial. Steps required for implementation: 1) Setting navigation mode of ActionBar to actionBar.NAVIGATION_MODE_TABS and adding tabs.… Read More »

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Android ViewPager simple Example Tutorial- Sliding Screens

  ViewPager is used to for implementing the Screen Slides. Screen slides are transitions between one entire screen to another and are common with UIs like setup wizards or slideshows as shown in the above video. Steps for implementing ViewPager: 1) A Layout(that contains ViewPager) for the MainActivity. 2) FragmentPagerAdapter/FragmentStatePagerAdapter class which controls the fragments… Read More »

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