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How to use Jasper Reports in JavaFX 8 – Sample Example Tutorial

Jasper Reports are used for showing information that need to be printed or saved as document file. Use Cases: – For printing Reciepts – Bill/ Invoice – Detailed Reports – and so on.. If you have already developed some Java application/ Software using JavaFx and now need to print some data from the software, then… Read More »

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[Solved] Unable to boot, Grub Rescue Error: No such Partition Solution Tutorial

If you have installed more than one Operating System in your PC. For example, you have Windows 7 & Ubuntu installed and suddenly you are unable to boot to any of the OS. If the error similar to given below appears: That means you have a problem with your bootloader. A very simple solution for… Read More »

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How to make Numeric | Decimal TextField in JavaFX Example Tutorial

JavaFx provides various default layout controllers for taking inputs from the user. One such controller is TextField. The problem with this controller is that it accepts every input provided by the user. If we need a TextField which accepts floating point numbers or double values, then we need to modify the existing TextField. Textfields with… Read More »

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Tips: Remove all comments from the java files in Eclipse IDE

1) Open the java file in which comments are to be removed. 2) Press Ctrl+F if you are using windows, Cmd+F in Mac OS. 3) Select Regular Expressions in the Find Menu. 4) Replace the below two expressions with empty string: i) (//[^\n]*) ii) (?s)/\*.*?\*/ 5) This action will remove all the comments -> Single… Read More »

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Build Desktop application software using Java Tutorial | Sample Examples -Part 3

In the previous part, we saw how to create AlertBox, switching scenes etc for the desktop application using JavaFX. Lets go ahead with the following sections today : Communicating Between Windows GridPane Extract And Validate Input CheckBoxes ChoiceBox DropDown List Communicating Between Window Let look at how to make java application to communicate between two… Read More »

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Build Desktop application software using Java Tutorial | Sample Examples -Part 2

In the previous part, we saw a very basic template for the desktop application using JavaFX. Lets go ahead with the following sections today in this part : Handle User Events Anonymous Inner Classes And Lambda Expressions Switching Scenes Creating Alert Boxes Handle User Events We have seen previously how to create a button on… Read More »

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Build Desktop application software using Java Tutorial | Sample Examples -Part 1

Today  we will use Java for developing cross-platform applications/softwares which can be run on Windows, Mac os, Linux etc.  You need to install Java Runtime Environment in the Operating System where you want to run your java based software application. PreRequisite: Basic knowledge of Java Programming. Basic understanding of Object Oriented Programming. JDK8 installed on working… Read More »

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Ball Hunt

Ball Hunt is a very simple arcade dots shooting game using stones and a sling shot. Different arrangements of dots are placed in a beautiful pattern for every new level. Shoot and destroy these beautiful designs of bubbles and break the bubble using your slingshot shooting skills. If you miss a target dot, the score… Read More »

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Gulel Craft : Knock Down

  Gulel Crafts is a slingshot shooting game again from the makers of Shoot Girl’s Fruits : Gulel. In this game you need to knock down the boxes, glasses, balloons, stones, all of them which are put as stack in the environment. There are different levels with unique arrangement of the object. Just smash them… Read More »

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Implementing Remove Ads in app Purchases in Android Tutorial Example

In this tutorial we will quickly setup and integrate in app purchases in Android Apps/Games. Steps needed for Implementation: Adding In App Billing Library using Android SDK Manager Setting up Google Play Developer Console Getting Required keys from Developer Console. Coding part A Little Overview about how Google Play in-app purchases work Before we begin,… Read More »

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