Ball Hunt

By | August 7, 2016

ball hunt android game

Ball Hunt is a very simple arcade dots shooting game using stones and a sling shot. Different arrangements of dots are placed in a beautiful pattern for every new level.

Shoot and destroy these beautiful designs of bubbles and break the bubble using your slingshot shooting skills.
If you miss a target dot, the score multiplier gets reset. And for the continuous shots the multiplier get incremented by 1 irrespective of game mode.


You have got thirty seconds to score as high as you can. You get +1 second of bonus time as well as +1 multiplier for every hit after ten contiguous shots of bubble. If one shot is missed then the multiplier changes back to one.

Its a level game. Fixed number of stones are provided for every level. If you are unable to shoot all the circles of a level using the provided number of stones, the game is over. Clear as many levels as possible.

Compete with your Facebook friends for high score.

Its a top free arcade bubble shooting game from the developers (Marothia Techs) of Shoot Girl’s Fruits, Gate Puzzle, Glassy Path and many more.



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