Command Line Free TexturePacker tool for LibGDX sample example tutorial

By | October 20, 2015

TexturePacker is a tool for creating spritesheets from given number of individual image files as input. It is widely used for various game development engines and frameworks such as LibGDX, cocos2d etc..

You can directly download the TexturePacker with an interactive interface from its official website, but it has a trial period. After the trial period expires, you can still use that TexturePacker but few images in the spritesheet would be colored red.

So if you are using TexturePacker for your LibGDX project, then there is a free TexturePacker tool provided along with the LibGDX SDK files. You can find the gdx-tools.jar file located inside extensions/gdx-tools/ directory of your libgdx sdk folder. This jar file contains TexturePacker classes required for converting image files from a specified source path to spritesheet at a given destination path.

You will require one more .jar file to run TexturePacker through command line for LibGDX, i.e gdx.jar file located in your libgdx sdk folder.

If you are facing difficulty in finding the above mentioned two .jar files then you can download them from here:
Download TexturePacker files for LibGDX

Step-1) Unzip the above downloaded file.
Step-2) Go to the unzipped directory through terminal or command prompt.
Step-3) Write below commands to create your desired spritesheets for free!

For OS X / Linux :

java -cp gdx.jar:gdx-tools.jar [inputDir] [outputDir] [packFileName]


java -cp gdx.jar;gdx-tools.jar [inputDir] [outputDir] 

There is also a GUI Version of TexturePacker:

TexturePacker GUI

You can download the GUI version of texture packer from the link below:

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