Requires .NET Framework and Image Mastering API before installing Windows 7 usb DVD tool

By | August 31, 2015

Windows 7 USB DVD tools is used for making a bootable disk for windows 7 or higher operating system.

If you come across such a problem while installing windows 7 usb dvd tool in Windows Xp SP2 (Service Pack 2) then these dependency softwares are required.

Windows 7 USB DVD Tool Error
So to resolve the required softwares issue, download them from the following links:

1) Windows Installer 3.1 (Required for .Net Framework 2.0)
2) Microsoft .Net framework 2.0
3) Image Mastering API

You will be able to successfully install the windows 7 USB DVD tool in your Windows XP SP2 after installing these three dependecies.

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